Dermalogica Facial

All facials include eyebrow tidy and relaxing face,
neck and shoulder massage.

Dermalogica Skin Specific Facial


A dermalogica facial to suit your skin needs. A deep cleansing and                          £34.95
rejuvenating healing treatment which opens the pores and draws out
impurities with the help of steam. Ozone can also be incorporated with
steam which cleanses bacteria from the surface of the skin.


Age Smart

Advanced treatment with antioxidants and peptides that help smooth
skin, stimulating collagen production and target the biochemical triggers
that lead to skin aging.


Medi Bac

Adult acne breakout treatment


Chroma White

For accelerated brightening and improved skin tone


Mini Facial

This treatment takes 30 minutes and includes eye                 30 mins  £21.00
and lip cleanse, deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam,
extractions, mask, tone and moisturise.


Back Facial Including massage

A stress reducing back treatment which also                             1 hour  £38.90
soothes tight muscles, leaving skin silky smooth.


Face Mapping

Indepth zone by zone skin anaylisis.                                               15 mins  Free


Facial Faradic

Gentle electrical pulses to improve facial                                       30 mins £18.00
& neck muscle toning